My Services - Customized for You

My cleaning is intended to be comprehensive, but personalized. After gaining an understanding of what must be done to maintain a healthy dwelling for you, I will give you a written estimate of the weekly or bi-weekly cost.

Each cleaning is designed to allow you to relish the delights of an “all-around” clean home.

At the time of your FREE initial onsite estimate, both you and I will discuss your areas of concerns. If needed, I will also suggest helpful inclusions in the personalized estimate which I will prepare for you.


Generally, my services covers the following areas, however, my aim is to be your personal house cleaner, therefore; specific cleaning is always welcomed to be included or excluded as needed.

Entry, Hall Ways & Stairs

The first places you see and the first areas to greet your family, friends, & visitors are special connectors in your life.

My services will make these areas sparkle by removing dirt, dust, and cobwebs so that your home will always delight you with a glistening view & and a welcoming scent.

Living Room, Dining, Home Office

This is where you enjoy yourself and your family after coming home, or it can be the place where you prepare your mind, body, and soul to meet and deal with the world.  

Being clean, neat, and smelling good will increase the great feelings that you share. As your Personal House Cleaner, my customized cleaning services will add value to something as simple and as precious as the time you spend living your life.  


The Kitchen is your personal place of sustenance… In fact, it is a very important part of your home.

It is also a place that very often can stand some assistance from a personal house cleaner.

After all, I know you would agree that there is a difference between the following restaurant cleanliness ratings”


I can help you keeping your kitchen with a grade of A+.

Countertops, Stoves, Microwaves, Refrigerator / Freezer are just a few areas of a detailed list of tasks that I clean & sanitize.


Proper rest is important to getting well and staying well and is the difference between being cranky or feeling full of life.

Your rest should never be diminished by clutter, dust, trash or stale smells.

I can tidy your bedrooms. The freshness will ease your family or guest to sleep and allow each of you to wake up feeling renewed.


Clean showers, spotless mirrors, sanitized door handles, sparkling sinks & toilets, etc…. Because you count on this room heavily, hire my services to make your bath rooms clean enough for a new born baby.



  What are Clients saying?

I was at the end of my rope with a messy house and no time to clean when I found a flyer on my windshield offering cleaning services.  I called and much to my surprise I spoke with a very professional, yet energetic young lady by the name of Tashisia Rhoden.  When she arrived for the initial consultation she brought a list of references, a contract, as well as a list of services offered.  She kept her professional attitude but was so very pleasant and fun to be around.  She listened to my concerns of previous housekeepers and assured me she was there to help.  Once agreeing on a price (which is beyond reasonable), I verified her references, reviewed the contract and she began.  My life has been so much better ever since.

Heather Bowers, Wife, Mother, &  HR Manager, Irmo, SC



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